My Cruise Adventure to the Land of Fire and Ice
Compagnie Du Ponant Yacht Cruise
Le Boreal – July 7-14, 2012

Iceland Trip

Iceland is an amazing destination for those seeking a new adventure. Whether you choose to travel by land or by sea, Iceland is a great travel destination. I chose to tour Iceland on a grand yacht, Le Boreal, named “Best New Ship of the Year” by the European Cruiser Association in 2010.

Iceland’s untamed landscape of active volcanoes, massive glaciers, frozen waterfalls and exploding geysers make it a marvel in contrasts and a wonder to behold. My expedition began in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, and proceeded along the northern coast, delivering splendid views of scenic fjords and dramatic glimpses of Icelandic daily life.

Iceland Trip

Iceland has plentiful wildlife and abundant historic treasures. During my adventure I stepped across the Arctic Circle; visited the world famous Blue Lagoon, and stood in awe at the precipice of Goðafoss, “waterfall of the gods.”

Below is the daily cruise itinerary for my adventure with a bit of information about each of the ports visited and some pictures taken during my incredible journey.

Iceland Trip Iceland Trip Iceland Trip Iceland Trip

Day Program Arrival Departure
Sat 07/07 Reykjavik – Hafnarfjordur (Iceland)
- 21:00
Sun 08/07 Grundarfjordur (Iceland)
The natural port of Grundarfjordur at the end of a beautiful fjord is our stepping off point to explore the region’s extinct volcanoes. As their role in the landscape has long since been completed and the glaciers have disappeared, it is the rivers which have fashioned the countryside on more gentle lines. The village is known for the Snaefellsjokull volcano that seems to watch over the peninsula from a lofty 1440 m and was made famous by Jules Verne in his novel “Voyage to the Centre of the Earth”.
11:00 18:30
Mon 09/07 Grimsey island (Iceland)
A small island 40 km north of Iceland and symbolically located directly on the Arctic Circle, Grimsey is a haven for numerous colonies of birds all along its untamed jagged cliffs. Be on the look out for the kittiwake, the Alca torda (small penguin), glaucus gull and the arctic fulmar. However the main resident, and also a symbol of Iceland, is the clown of the sea better known as the puffin.
14:00 19:00
Tue 10/07 Akureyri (Iceland)
At the end of a magnificent fjord more than 40 km long, the administrative capital of north Iceland deploys its charms on the banks of the Eyjajordur with its multi-coloured houses under the midnight sun. From the town you will leave to explore Lake Myvatn, shaped by volcanic eruptions and host to the famous “Waterfall of the Gods” at Godafoss. Le Boréal’s route will take you into the very heart of north-west Iceland’s fjords, a wild unspoilt land of lost valleys and vertical cliffs where man can barely survive. In this isolated region, the Ísafjordur fjord is arguably the most beautiful one in the country, notably for the stacks of ancient basalt rock slides. The delightful little town of Ísafjordur is dwarfed by mountains at the end of the fjord and is totally dependent on fishing.
07:00 18:00
Ísafjordur 07:00 15:00
Ísafjordur Sailing along the fjords 15:00 -
Thu 12/07 Heimaey – (Vestman Islands - Iceland)
Dominated by the Eldfjall, Heimaey is the only inhabited island in the Vestman archipelago. A stunning landscape of vertical cliffs, reefs, marine caves and the ever-changing ocean is home to seals and cetaceans such as the killer whale. Watch the comings and goings of the inimitable puffins as they plunge into the sea.
12:30 20:00
Fri 13/07 Reykjavik – Hafnarfjordur (Iceland)
Welcome to Reykjavik or the “bay of steam”. Coiled within a large bay sheltered from the wind, the world’s most northern capital is blessed with an almost surreal beauty. Founded by a Viking chief in 874, this fascinating yet vibrant city is minutes away from fields of lava and the silvery reflections of the famous Blue Lagoon, a vast natural swimming pool.
07:00 -
Sat 14/07 Reykjavik - Hafnarfjordur (Iceland)

Iceland Trip Iceland Trip Iceland Trip Iceland Trip

Some of the interesting facts I learned during the trip include:

  • Iceland is the most literate nation in the world
  • Icelanders drink the most Coca-Cola in the world (30 gallons per person per year)
  • Icelanders have the highest internet access in the world
  • Icelanders produce the most films per year (10 times more than the United States)
  • Icelanders eat the most fish in the world (91 Kg 200 lbs) per person
  • Icelanders use the most electricity per year (28,787 KWh)
  • Icelanders have the most nobel laureates per capita
  • Iceland elected the first woman President in the world

It was quite an adventure, my trip to Iceland. For amazing videos of the life and adventure Iceland offers, visit You Tube and search for videos of Iceland.

When you’re ready to travel to the land of fire and ice, be sure to contact to plan your incredible journey. I’m here to make travel easy for you.