Ask Endora

Dear Endora,

I would love to return to Hawaii but the air just seems so high – about 10 years ago I traveled for under $300 roundtrip from the west coast. Will there ever be any substantial discounts on air?

Discount air seeker

Dear Discount Air Seeker,

My goodness the price for everything has increased over the last 10 years, so will you ever get the airfare by itself for what you did back then, probably not. But there are ways to get substantial discounts on air and that is by purchasing packages OFF season and being extremely flexible with your travel dates, the length of stay, and where you stay. There are specials that include air/hotel for 3 nights from either LAX or SFO starting at $335 total (not including tax) p/person – to extend your stay the price does increase dramatically.

Best of luck,

Dear Endora,

I am trying to organize a vacation for a family that has gone through many tribulations as of late. Do the companies your agency works with take payments or multiple credit cards for payment?


Dear Susan,

What a wonderful friend you must be, to think of others in today’s economic environment! Hats off to you! The answer to your question is that the gals in the office will find you the best air pricing whether it is published (must be paid in full when booked) or bulk (only a deposit is necessary to reserve). The tour packages for the most part must be paid in full 45 days prior to departure for destinations such as Hawaii and 60 days in full for International destinations. And YES several credit cards can be used to make payments with no additional fees.



The specials to Tahiti are amazing this year, but I see most of them are only for lengths of stay for 5 nights. This seems to be not enough time, what do you think?

Chris – Chicago

Dear Chris,

Well you are spot on IMO...From Chicago you have about a 4 ½ hour flight to LAX then another 7 ½ hours from LAX to Papeete, and the biggest savings are when you travel off to Bora Bora which is another 1 hour flight. But for two people the savings are about $1000! So for many, the price to get to this dream destination is now affordable. I have seen the properties included in the specials and many are very nice. For me the only way to really see Tahiti is to incorporate a stay in the Society Isles and Tuamotus – otherwise, you just see a glimpse of the fabulous destination.