Ask Endora

Dear Endora,

I am renting a private home in Hawaii this year. When I reserved my air/car/hotel package I was able to get travel insurance through the company Incredible Journey used to reserve my package. I haven't decided if I want to purchase the insurance to cover the private home, what are your thoughts on insurance for medical reasons only?

Ted - Virginia

Dear Ted,

Many of our tour operators and wholesalers offer wonderful affordable insurance that gives our clients peace of mind. Private home rentals are completely different as you are renting a unique one of a kind property that affords guests a completely different experience. These properties generally are nonrefundable once you get within 60 days of your arrival and after your final payment has been made. Most guests do not pay for the insurance, however, if for less than say $200 you will have the peace of mind that your $4000 travel investment would be protected - I think that is a wise decision.

Best regards,

Dear Endora,

I am planning a long awaited trip to Tahiti and want to spend several days on a few islands. In Hawaii we typically rent a car, should we rent a car in Tahiti and if not how do we get around the island?

Susan - Texas

Dear Susan,

I have rented cars on the islands of Tahiti and Moorea, but you will only need a car for one day max as the islands in French Polynesia are much smaller than the Hawaiian Islands. A fun mode of transportation is a scooter on the larger islands. If you are visiting smaller islands such as Bora Bora, you can ride a bicycle around the island in about 4 hours (leisure ride with just one tough hill). But most travelers will typically go on escorted adventures and the mode of transportation will be either a 4 x 4 or boat. As you can imagine the Tahitian Islands are surrounded by water and for the most part this is how you will get around.

Have a great adventure in paradise,

Dear Endora,

My wife and I are planning our first cruise which requires roundtrip airfare. Is it better to book our airfare through the cruise line or independently?

Craig in Colorado

Dear Craig,

First Congratulations on booking your first cruise, once onboard I know you will wonder what took you so long to go on this effortless, fun filled type of vacation. As for booking airfare, without a doubt, you will receive a better flight schedule and better pricing if you book your air independent of the cruise line. My only suggestion is to book your flights early, plan to fly to your point of embarkation at least one day prior to embarkation and pay for your tickets in full at the time you make your reservations. Be sure to purchase travel insurance to protect your investment. Incredible Journey can obtain great airfare prices and schedules through the various air consolidators they use so be sure to take advantage of that service.

Enjoy your first cruise!
   Bon voyage! Endora